How does the city protect its heritage buildings?

    The Heritage Conservation Act of New Brunswick enables municipalities to designate a single property or properties that are considered significant as a conservation area, and to create a by-law for the conservation of those buildings, structures, or properties.  

    Our Heritage Conservation By-law (Z-1116) contains properties identified as heritage conservation area(s) and contains requirements to assist with their continued protection.

    What are the benefits of being designated heritage?

    A heritage designation recognizes the significance of a property and ensures that future owners will respect and appreciate the investment. Designation under the Heritage Conservation By-law also provides property owners with access to grants and other potential incentives as well as staff resources to assist in the conservation of the property’s heritage characteristics.

    Does the Heritage Conservation By-law apply to the interior of buildings?

    No. The Heritage Conservation By-law only applies to the exterior of a designated heritage building.  

    Do I need a permit to make changes to by building if it is designated Heritage?

    Most changes to the exterior of a designated heritage building will require a Municipal Heritage Permit which is free of charge. A Building Permit and Development Permit may also be required. The Heritage Conservation By-law details how a heritage permit may be issued. 

    The proposed changes should be consistent with applicable recommendations of the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada


    Most heritage designated properties have a description of its heritage value and list the “character-defining elements” that contribute to its heritage value. Depending on the property, the external contributing elements may include, but are not limited to, a building’s roof, porch, steps, windows, trim, exterior finish material, and landscaping. The objective is to conserve the heritage value of a designated property.

    What doesn’t a “heritage designation" do?

    • Designation does not oblige the owner to restore and maintain the building beyond what is expected of any property owner.
    • Designation does not affect the permitted uses of the property (under zoning).
    • Designation does not permit public access to your property.

    Can I pre-consult with the heritage board and staff?

    Yes. A pre-consultation with the Heritage staff and / or the Heritage Conservation Board is encouraged when considering making alterations or renovations to your heritage property. Pre-consultation is a free process and both City staff and the Heritage Conservation Board are very willing to discuss your proposed project, provide advice and assist where possible.

    Will designation affect my insurance rates?

    Insurance premiums should not rise as a result of being designated under the Heritage Conservation By-law. Designation itself does not place additional requirements on the insurer and should not negatively affect premiums. A variety of other factors can cause insurance companies to increase premiums for older buildings, such as a higher level of risk due to outdated wiring that has not been upgraded or old heating systems, etc.

    Are heritage grants available to assist in maintaining my home as a heritage property?

    Yes. The City of Moncton Heritage Conservation Grant Policy program encourages the conservation of properties designated under the heritage by-law through grant funding of up to 50% of the total cost of eligible heritage conservation work. The total grant amount can be up to $10,000.

    How will designation affect the resale value of my house?

    Heritage designation does not change the value of a property. If there is any impact at all, it’s likely to help a home maintain or increase its value because most property owners take pride in the character of their property and neighbourhood.

    Can I replace doors, windows and roofs with more energy efficient materials?

    Yes. Heritage permits can be granted for the installation of more energy efficient doors and windows as long as replacements are in keeping with the original character of the building and the existing doors and windows cannot be repaired to be more energy efficient. 

    In some cases, such as with stained glass transom windows, the original frames should not be replaced unless absolutely necessary. They can be repaired or upgraded in ways that that make them more energy efficient. Original window and door repair and restoration are most likely eligible under the Heritage Grant Policy program.

    Can I paint my house in any color I choose?

    Yes, except fluorescent colors. Homeowners are encouraged to make a historically appropriate color selection. Most paint stores have sample books of heritage colors to choose from. 

    Excluding routine maintenance and touch ups, a heritage permit is required for painting the exterior of a building.